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Full Version: SR3 pre-made campaigns
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So, a few of us who haven't played in a Shadowrun game in a while but would really like to have been gathering together and talking about starting up a campaign. And right now it looks like I'm gonna be the one running it, since nobody else has volunteered to.

I don't have a lot of experience GMing, so I'd like to run a pre-made campaign to make things a little easier on me. And we're all more familiar with the SR3 rules than SR4, so we'll probably play SR3.

Can anyone suggest any particularly good or enjoyable SR3 campaign premies? Some of us did Survival of the Fittest last year and enjoyed it a lot. Any others that people who liked SotF also enjoyed?

Thanks for your help.
Start with the Shadowrun Missions. They are a simple way to get a group and new gm started.
Thanks for reminding me about Shadowrun Missions, Platinum. I might decide to use those.

And thanks for the funny, funny links, hyzmarca.

Still, I'm more than willing to buy a dead-tree campaign book. (Or borrow one from the extensive collections of one of my friends.) So if anyone has one they thought was good, please let me know. Is System Failure any good? Or Wake of the Comet? I know First Run contains some simple start-up missions like "Food Fight" and the like....
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