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Full Version: Composite Sketcher software
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Does any one know where somenone can find a program that acts like a sketch artist? I found one call FACES but now that I want to buy it the company has died I think. Any help is appreciated. Wasn't this a thread a while back? I can't find it if it was.
Do what everyone else does: clip a photo from an online source and tweak it through a photo manipulation program.

As long as you don't turn it into a commercial venture or try to make a profit from it -- limiting it to strictly personal use, have fun with it.

I think Poser can do what you're asking. It's more meant to do realistic 3D modeling, but it can render faces as sketches easily enough.
I know of how you can get an exact highly detailed drawing of your characters:


Simply describe your character, his gear and the way he is standing, choose the type of drawing you want, and Bang! You got your custom character portrait!

Mention that you are from Dumpshock and you get a 20% discount!!!
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