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Full Version: Cannon Companion Combat Rules
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Do the CC combat rules work well? Can I have peoples opinions on them?

I don't own CC but am interested in how the melee combat rules differ from the norm.

The CC rules certainly make unarmed combat more varied. Non-troll, non-polearm wielding hand to hand characters definitely find use in close combat, and the other maneuvers aren't half bad, either. It's not quite up to the CP 2020 martial arts detail (which bordered on over complication, in any case), but it's nicer than having one skill that covers everything. There are also rules for dual weapon fighting and ways to offset the penalities.

The rules for ranged combat are good, too, particularly searching and suppressive fire.
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The gun-building rules are a nice touch, and the martial arts are a step up in my book. I still prefer the Fields of Fire ambidexterity rules, though.
They also improved upon cover modifiers, made some good firearm creation rules and made a full, comprehensive list of all the skills.
I'm mostly interesting in the expanded melee rules and martial arts. I guess I'll put it on my shopping list. Just before food.

Actually there are more than combat rules in CC, for some reason this is also where you find expanded rules for simsense and diving. All in all though i consider both the expanded ranged combat, martial arts and melle rules indispensable.
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