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Full Version: Magic and AR
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I haven't noticed anything that explicitly says that magic does not aid in AR. If anyone knows of a reference please let me know.

I've made up a hacker adept with IR 1, IA (Hacking, EW) 3, IA (Etiquette) 2, and Kinesics 2. He can hack in AR with the speed of cold-sim VR as far as I can tell. Plus he has 13 dice to bum rush a target. Wondering if he's legal.
QUOTE (Street Magic page 23)

Regardless of magical tradition or training, no magical abilities work directly on augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR) objects. The virtuality of the Matrix offers no substance on which a character can use magic; magicians cannot cast spells, summon spirits, or perform any other magical task while fully immersed in virtual reality.

Magic that improves your abilities or skills works in the Matrix, though, because it's working on the character and not the Matrix.
I'm not sure if it's true to rules or not, but we played by the rule that adepts didn't get bonuses in VR, since adepts are physical by nature, and VR is mental and out of body by nature. But there's no real reason they shouldn't get the bonuses in AR, and depending on the rules (book at home today) it could even work in VR.
oh boy, here we go again! cyber.gif
QUOTE (2bit)
oh boy, here we go again! cyber.gif

heh, it makes me get a new understanding of the old "september that never ended" saying.
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