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emo samurai
Does it only work on spirits with Possession?
doesn't it explicitly say so in the description?
Samaels Ghost
QUOTE ("Street Magic pg.54")
Through Channeling,
a magician who was willingly possessed can find a balance
between the two minds (the spiritís and her own) occupying
her body and achieve greater control.

Only possession spirits, yes. The text also goes on to say possession and the Possession power several times.
emo samurai
Slithery D
No Ally Spirits (in your body) for you!
Unless you give your ally the possession power. smile.gif
Slithery D
Again, that's pretty obviously a violation of the rules. If possession was an option it would have been covered in the inhabitation/materialization section. Like Astral Form and Sapience, covered in that same paragraph, Possession just isn't that sort of power. Obviously allowing a permanently possessed character who can't be spotted as such (Realistic Form) would be problematical, not to mention the whole no lost services to failed possession attempts issue. Allies get the shape or vessel you designate for them, no more.

You can houserule otherwise, but don't pretend that it isn't a houserule that violates the usual rules.

I can pretend whatever I want, dangit! You can't stop me!

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