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Full Version: Invinsible SR4 character
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The name says it all, I have found a way to make a practically invinsible character, here's how it works:
Adept+Big Magic attribute+As many levels of mystic armour as possible+Full body armour+Pain Editor=A character who will need to take at least 20P damage to harm him/her.
Have i got the rules wrong or something?
James McMurray
Pain Editors don't make you immune to stun damage, they just prevent you from taking the wound penalties. When your stun overflows into your physical you will still die. And you won't even know it's happening.
Yeah, it might take TWO long burts from an automatic to kill him instead of just one. Maybe three.
You do realize that once the stun track is full that additional stun damage bleeds over to the physical track, right?
Oh, and it's "invincible"
Right, cos i thought they made you practically immune
Hmm...does Mystic Armor count as hardened armor?
Now don't get me wrong, this is a build that can take a hit from practically anything and keep moving, and that in itself is pretty cool, but multiple hits will still ruin his day. This character isn't invincible, but is definitely a tough SOB.
Mr. Unpronounceable
QUOTE (JonathanC)
Hmm...does Mystic Armor count as hardened armor?

Pornomancer meat.
ohhh.... i was wondering how armor and a pain editor would make someone invisible... thank you for clearing that up nyahnyah.gif
Armor, invisibility and a touch of pornomancer:

click me
Full body armor and the pain editor are both out of reach, availability-wise, at char-gen.

But if you want to go the "difficult to hurt" route, then you would probably be better off with combat sense, improved reflexes, a high Reaction, and a high dodge skill. It's better to not take any hits at all, than to be able to soak them as stun. Multiple attacks can still whittle those dice down, but you will have someone capable of getting out of most scrapes relatively unharmed.
AND improved reflexes+high reaction will give you the chance to prevent a bunch of people to shoot at you by shooting them first (or take good cover, for the more pacifistic grinbig.gif )
Had an invisable character in my game, he died a few weeks ago,first he ran forwards getting caught in the tracer the gunbunnys grenade blasts, albeit, minorly, hey he had bad luck and tracer couldn't see him.

Then the medic and the mage forgot to heal him and he bought it the next time he got shot.

Poor Raven too much stealth is sometimes a bad thing.
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