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Full Version: The cost of drugs....
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Perhaps I am blind (if you took a look at the coke bottles on my face you would belive it)... but while 'combat chemicals' have listed prices, is there any listed price (and/or availability) for Drugs...

WHile not planning on being an addicted, after a couple of hard pushes and long hacking sessions my TM bought 3 doses (for emergencies) of Longhaul.

Now having a good ties with some local gangers, GM said it was no problem and 3 doses were 75, which seemed very reasonably and gladly coughed up.

The question is, does ANYTHING list 'oofficial prices or is it all to the GM to decide how prevalant it is in game?

Your search fu is weak. We had a thread about this around 2-3 weeks ago.

For some reason search failed the first time I tried (must have had a non-printable or something in keyword box)...

Apologies and no need to respond:

For the record I missed:
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