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Full Version: Pilot/Agent using LinguaSoft or Knowsoft
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Can a Pilot or Agent use a Linguasoft or knowsoft if it was loaded?

I can envision a scenario where a piloted system or agent might want to be able to react to translated communications in other languages?
Rotbart van Dainig
As a LinguaSoft is allowed to run as a translation program, they could.
i would say no... iirc, skillsofts in general are based on simsense, which is based on interaction with the human mind, is it not?

however, that being said, i would certainly allow the purchasing of an "encyclopedia" program, and an agent could use data search to find information within it. naturally, the more money you spend building the library, and the better the data search program (and the better the agent), the better the information you will get.

as far as linguasofts, i would say that agents can most certainly use something similar to a linguasoft, just it wouldn't be simsense based. they should be quite cheap, really, since agents essentially would come with those built in, IMO.

Rotbart van Dainig
QUOTE (Jaid)
i would say no... iirc, skillsofts in general are based on simsense, which is based on interaction with the human mind, is it not?

Indeed, but LinguaSoft are an exception:

QUOTE (SR4v3 @ p321, Linguasoft)
Linguasofts may also be used as real-time translation programs.
So Linguasoft looks ok. I think knowsofts are right out, along with active softs. But I think data softs would be useful along with the data search programs as far as simulating a knowledge skill for a Pilot/Agent program. That all sound reasonable?

i only remember 3 skillsoft types... active, lingua, and know...

anyways, i would probably not allow anything simsense based. i would certainly allow a library of sorts, and at a much cheaper cost too, which would act more or less the same way. (actually, you could probably build the library pretty easily for free. i'd make you buy some extra storage though... it would basically be the equivalent to downloading wikipedia and news websites, and just building them into a library for your personal use... point being, all that stuff is gonna be some dang big files!)
Know and lingua are glorified datasofts really with widgets and doohickeys to interpret the data so it can be useful to you.

While Datasofts are just data, without the magical algorithms and queries to easily find what you need in a nanosecond.

Forgive my use of highly technical jargon.
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