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Full Version: Most powerful archetype?
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emo samurai
He has the most dice to throw at things and stacks all his skills in the right spots. The combat mage is kinda gimped because he wasted BP's on a crappy katana skill. The runner-up for me is the drone rigger.
James McMurray
Very weak attempt at a troll, and already done recently. Sorry, can't even give an E for effort on this one. smile.gif
It's not even a poll!
emo samurai
I'm not trying to troll!
I think you sold your soul!!
emo samurai
Let's start a dole!
Isn't that Viagra's role?
That's funny ... lol.
emo samurai
Let us dig ourselves a hole.
You suck a pole.
emo samurai
You've one as small as a vole!

[ Spoiler ]
This whole thing is kind of droll!
Not a vole, more like a mole!
emo samurai
A cat could swallow it whole.
3,2,1, thread closed!
emo samurai
To that we are opposed.
Kyoto Kid
...until we get hosed.
Oh for fucks sake give it a rest would you.
I agree. And this from the person that started a whole topic dedicated to having people tell him how the forums were different before he got here.
emo samurai
I would like to have alcohol, but not a beer.
All we have is beer I fear.
Emo, you suck so hard you're turning purple.

... at a tractor pull.
emo samurai
Pulling a ship's hull.
Running from a bull!
Come on guys... show a little control...
"Stop rhyming now, I mean it."

As for the most powerful archetype, I'd say that it all depends on scope.

If you are looking at out of the box firepower, then the Street Sam, Gun Adept and Combat Mage are probably the most lethal from my experience in running pick up games. The Weapon Specialist can deal a lot of damage very quickly (she comes standard with a rocket launcher) though her staying power is lacking.

Over the longue duree, the question turns to campaign style and game play. Here, the Technomancer and the awakened archtypes begin to shine much more in their respective niches, because all other archtypes eventually hit a rating cap for attributes and gear, but Magic and Resonance are effectively uncapped because of the ability for Initiation/Submersion. This makes their linked skills and CFs very deadly, though extremely costly at the outer edges.

In a cash heavy campaign where the karma is sparser, gear based archtypes will win out over the Awakened/Technomancers because the ability to obtain gear is not based on trolling the deeper mysteries so much as it is about knowing the right person to buy a case of EX-EX or the latest Program from. This style of campaign will see advancement in a few key areas with minor branching out, but a higher dependency on gear and thus a need to plan long-term incursions more carefully.
"Anyone want a peanut?"
Ah, "The Princess Bride". Good times for those who have seen it.
Steak and Spirits
You rhymed right there, but did you mean it?
Oh, S***
Come on, Slump... Dont have a hissy fit.
... or be a prissy git.
emo samurai
Ummm... issy it?
I'd like to formally apologize for sparking this thread. It was awfully bad, but sounded right in my head. Course I have the SARS, so I'm going to bed. For those who're annoyed, this is one not to be read.

emo samurai
Up are we fed.
You're probably right, this thread needs to end up dead.
These folks are not well bred.
It's giving me a pain in the head.
I'm starting to see red.
This topic's been bled
all the brains it has shed
And fed
the addiction of posting rhymes instead
of posting things with a shred
of respect for the thread.
And now that I've pled
with agony and dread
to stop the spread
of this rhyming retread
posting like the undead
rising like some kind of moldy bread
heavy as lead
let's just get ahead
and imbed
some sanity and leave the rest unsaid.

... why do I feel like I need a microphone?
emo samurai
Even though it's midday, let's go to bed.
strangest hijack of any thread.
Rather than simple rhymes, I'll give ten points to anyone who posts a perfect Shakespearean sonnet instead.
Do sonnets from Shakespeare count in this bet?
A sonnet's fine when hijacking a thread
Of some brief question seen by some as troll,
While many would prefer to see it dead
By grace of some administrator's soul,
But no! The thread drags on and on and on
And on and on and on and on it seems,
It's worse than spam or pop-up ads for pr0n,
And "Back to normal!" cries in all our dreams,
Until the posters over verses dote,
And post and post like some o'erzealous pup,
Inspiring me to Crow T. Robot quote,
And say, "Shut up! Shut up! God's sake, shut up!"
And when we challenge poetry to write,
It's time to say, "Good night, dear friends, good night."
Bravo, Sir!
And the entire thread is...

still fucking retarded.
Some people they have no soul, which given your handle is ironic nyahnyah.gif
No, some people used to enjoy the forum more when it wasn't filled with 14 year old kids that use it to take up their free time at home from school by posting retarded, completely unrelated shit.

This forum used to be about Shadowrun. There is a reason we don't have a "Lounge" type area.

I used to be firmly in the camp against re-opening it, but now I long for one just to keep stupid ass shit like this contained.
"A little nonsense, now and then, is relished by the wisest men" - Willy Wonka
emo samurai
Eidolon, you seem to think that I wish to play with trucks made by Tonka.
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