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Full Version: Is Battlecorps working on any new PDF releases?
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emo samurai
A while back, they released Aztlan. Are they planning on releasing any more of the old books on PDF?
I don't know about Battlecorps, but has a whack of 3rd & 4th Ed for sale in print and PDF on their site...
Battlecorps is not working on any PDF releases. Adam might be, however.

BattleCorps doesn't release anything; they're just a vendor.

They also do handle scanning some of the backlist titles, but they're behind on that -- the person doing the work had a stroke.

Other titles are my responsibility, but working on new books takes priority over that. I have a bunch in the pipeline that I'll get back to as soon as I clear up this glut of Classic BattleTech work.

Lone Star, fwiw, is on the scanning list -- we don't have the electronic files to do a digital conversion.
Wounded Ronin
Bah, who needs a Lone Star sourcebook? It's much more fun to just take the worst sterotypes of the LAPD and NYPD and, in the event that a player character ever gets left behind with full stun damage, make them Rodney King that character so hard he loses 1 point of Charisma.
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