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Full Version: Centering + Invoking
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In the description of Invoking, in the scentence carried over the page from P75 to page 76 of MITS, it says that any successes scored on an initial centering test also apply to the second test.

Am I right in thinking that this means if you centered versus drain or penalties for the first drain resistance test (With the presumably lower TN) the same successes also apply to the second test. IE:

A grade 2 initiate (Conjuring 6, Centering 6, Charisma 8 ) is Summoning a force 4 great form spirit.

Centering agains drain (TN4) he gets 3 successes (+1 success)

Summoning (TN4) he gets 3 successes
Taking drain (TN4) he gets 4 successes (+1 from centering does nothing)

2nd conjuring test (TN6) he gets 1 success
2nd dran resistance test (TN6) he gets 1 success (+1 from centering reduces below light drain)

Is that right?
Neon Tiger
After reading rules about invoking several times, I'd say your example is correct.
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