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Full Version: Purchasing / Upgrading Vehicles
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Can anyone clarify what ratings a vehicle has and what costs there are in upgrading them?

The GMC Bulldog has a pilot rating of 2 in the gear list but the Rigger pregen has a Bulldog with all it's ratings at 4. Some of his other vehicles have no ratings listed yet others do. Have some been upgraded?

Do you have to pay the Response, Signal and Firewall upgrade cost for each vehicle to increase it's ratings?

If you buy Pilot at 4 can you use the one copy on all vehicles you own? Can you use the same copy to make as many rating 4 Agents as you like? How many times do you have to buy programs for your agents? Once for each agent or once full stop? If I buy all the programs at rating 6 and Pilot 4 can I just build vehicles / drones / agents to whatever specs I like?

These things just aren't clear in the BBB.
Pilot and firewall are programs, so you can just buy those or crack a copy and install them on all your drones.

Response and Signal are hardware, so you'd have to upgrade each drone seperately with those.
OK, I guess that can be deduced. I would have expected it to be more expensive to get a squad of agents and your drones working better.

But I shouldn't complain that it's easier / cheaper than I thought smile.gif
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