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Do spirits have a stun track? I remember a discussion about spirits not having a stun track. If they do, I am uncertain about the usefulness of Slay/Slaughter Spirit spells. Can someone link me to it? The search function isn't working for me, for some reason.
They do have a stun track. The purpose of slay spirit is not so much the decreased drain (though it does do that), but that you can cast it on everyone who walks through a door and only the ones inhabitted by insects and shedim will explode. Slaughter Spirits is even better because it wil juice every traitor in the room and leave pure humans alone.

A halfway decent mage with either spell can get onto Firewatch payroll fairly easily, even if they can't do any other useful thing. Firewatch will tell you which people are not to be targetted in such a manner and you can easily locate and dispatch infiltrators.

Mr. Unpronounceable
Admittedly, it's rather unlikely for a spirit to take stun - only stick&shock ammo, gel rounds, or a non-bonelaced troll could do it on the mundane side. Anything else that could possibly provide stun is going to be stopped by the hardened armor application of the immunity to normal weapons power.
Big D
In the end, does it make any difference if you stunbolt a spirit or manabolt it?

Both tracks would be the same size, and blowing through either would disrupt the spirit, right?
Mr. Unpronounceable
Both tracks are not the same size - willpower is always equal to force, but body ranges from force-2 (air elemental) to force+4 (earth elemental) and the size of the track would be determined normally.

Either track full does disrupt the spirit though, yes.
Big D
I was under the impression that the stats given for the spirits are only when materialized. All stats when purely Astral are force.

If I'm correct it beggs the question, does the damage track change size when a spirit materializes?
Mr. Unpronounceable
Apparently so - what a pain in the arse.
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