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Full Version: how much to initiate
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The rules on initiation say for a group initiation with a deed, you round up, but do you round up the discount or the total after the discount?
What's 60 % of 13?
I'd say round after the total
QUOTE (DireRadiant)
What's 60 % of 13?

13 * 0.6 is 7.8

Or, for those in Poland, 13 0.6 * is 7.8 (sorry, little joke there; I use an HP calculator).
I went with 8, because I believe that you round after the calculation is finished.
Kyoto Kid
QUOTE (Aaron)
Or, for those in Poland, 13 0.6 * is 7.8 (sorry, little joke there; I use an HP calculator).

...yeah, that's worth a karma or two.

Oh and yes, I agree that the total is what is rounded.
Big D


(I used to know how to RPN anything.

Fortunately, I recovered by college).
Round up the savings. In general, rounding almost always works in your favor in 4th edition. You round your strength up when hiting a guy and you round your body up when calculating your wound boxes. You even round your Essence up when calculating whether you should be taking a penalty to healing spells.

Just about the only thing in the entire game that rounds against you is your Essence for the purposes of Magic Loss. And that's only like that because it's such an important part of the game world (and a holdover from previous editions when things rounded agaionst you).

the whole reason I brought this up is that mathematically, and linguistically, something in parentheses modifies the last thing in a line/sentence.
I do as the book says 10 plus grade times 3.

So level 1 times 3 equals 3 plus 10 for a total of 13.

Then if you do a group minus 20% and futher more you can do an ordeal for another minus 20% for a total modifier of 40% which makes the total 5.2 then round up to 6.

Then lastly add on the 5 karma for joining the group and your final total is 11 or at least that is how it reads to me.
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