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Full Version: tenochtitlan map 2063
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hello folks,

not so far away down south lies Tenochtitlan. The description given in the great "Aztlan" SB is not so consistant, not to speak of the ultra thin map of the city hiding under the backcover page.

ok enough is enough,
I'm developping the entire Thecnochtitlan map from Sat, views, Goo/earth view and any pertinent material. Even redraw the aerial view of Tenochtitlan zocalo with Aztechnology HQ and temples in realistic way.

If you'r interested in this project just wave me.
Everything will be welcome :
drawings, photos and photoshop/gimp work, sketch
places description and so on.

high quality file for image are welcome.....

if/when completed this datasource will be accessible for free pdf format or whatever....opensource oblige

If you happen to work it out with google earth, please post it to the google earth thread and iŽd be happy to add your marks to my current google earth placemarks archive for shadowrun.
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