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Dunno if this belongs here, but I did do a search first , and came up empty. so...

I was digging through some old RPG material and came across my old SR stuff. This one stood out in the pile. I could find no credit for cover artwork anywhere in it. I know, it's a Sorayama. (Hell, it has his sig on her leg).

What I wanna know is? Did they ever get around to fixing that little legal no-no?
I mean, it's not like no-one knows the artist's work, since his sexy robots were adorning van sides in the late 70's/early 80's. Did FASA seriously think they could get away with it?

Every other SR book I've seen and/or owned at one time has had a crdit for the cover art.

Maybe the credit is in the fact that they based a cool NPC concept on him in elsewhere in the book.
Ancient History
I'm not entirely sure that the cover is actually one of Hajime Sorayama's gynoids, but I will check.
It is. I think the no credit was a mistake that was rectified later on.

EDIT- Gynoid #10 IIRC
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