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Full Version: Denver Hot Spots -N- Stuff
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I'm running a group in denver and one of my players asked for a list of some of the hotspots in denver like the amusement park. I have never run in denver so I am at a loss on this one, can someone please help me out on this so I can add more color to my game.
Shadowrun Missions is set in Denver, and as such, players and GMs can freely download the January 2006 issue of Commando Quarterly, which has a whole lot of info on Denver.

This info is of course set for the SRM context, but it's perfectly suitable for your own campaign as well.

You can, of course, download the Shadowrun Missions (available on and run those as well. You don't necessarely have to follow the whole SRM campaing, you could pick and choose missions you like and run them independantly.
If you are interested in Denver spots, I'd suggest posting in the gaming / GM registry for those that are currently locals.

Without a doubt, the landscape of Denver will have changed in 2070, and before that with the treaties, but certain facets will remain.

I don't live directly in Denver, but I'm pretty damn close, and go there plenty, and would be happy to help out.
Then help out here. Nobody goes to the other forums on Dumpshock. wink.gif
Not true. Not everyone is that lazy. smile.gif
That's crap and you know it! I read pretty much everything, but I'm definitely in the minority ... especially when it comes to forums like the GM/Players Registry. It just doesn't see anything like the traffic that this, and the Shadowrun forum do. I don't have to be an Admin to know that. wink.gif

All that is beside the point though. The topic is of interest to more than just those who reside in the area, and has a direct bearing on the Shadowrun game world. It therefore belongs here, where the most people can benefit from it, and hopefully even contribute something more than I have. nyahnyah.gif smile.gif
Thanks for all the help, the Commando quarterly has most of the info I was hoping to get biggrin.gif biggrin.gif .
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