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Full Version: Napalm
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Lord Ben
The Drain is horrible and anyone hit by the spell is going to just claim that their equipment is neither sensitive nor unwaterproofed. The damage is nothing special either. Is the spell worth it?

If there were solid mechanics for determining what sensitive electronics were or what the roll was to short them out I could understand, but 10S for a force 6 napalm spell that may or may not affect drones or electronics depending on how nice the GM is seems a bit silly.
Frag-o Delux
Im thinking the water effects of the spell are the least of the person worries when they are hit by that spell. I think the searing and burning effects would be most important in their minds at that moment. The water effects would only come in handy if you want the fire to seep into some place, like down a vent and into another room or something.

EDIT: Looking at the other combat spells, Naplam isnt that much more draining then other spells like fireball or lightining bolt. And Naplam can knock down crowds of people nd set them on fire all in one go.
Nearly guranteed knockdown in an area now officially on fire? IŽd call that "satisfactory".

From the attackers POV that is.
not to mention the sympathetic detonation of the oppositions weapons, my gods they'll go up like a string of chinese fire crackers.

just remember Napalm sticks to kids
Ancient History
Napalm is also nifty 'cause fire and water spirits are equally vulnerable to it.
One way around that nasty drain,
is metamagic technique absorption.
Have another mage cast "levitate" on your napalm caster, who "resists" the spell
Every success on the resist is one less drain value on the next spell cast, napalm, so an overcast force 10 napalm spell, with 12 drain, could be reduced by a fair bit.

My players are working towards this, but will take a fair bit of runs to get enough karma for it.
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