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Full Version: Skill advancement
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According to the rules when you raise a skill the karma costs are factored based on the linked attribute. If the linked attribute is raised either by physad ability or bioware the augmented amount is used to figure karma costs. My question is does this rule also apply to a mage (or anyone for that matter) who has a improve attribute spell tattooed (or quickened) on them? Has anyone else encountered this problem? If so is there a canon for it?
John Campbell
As I interpret it, Attribute enhancements from spells, like those from cyberware, don't qualify as "natural", so you don't get the reduced Karma cost of Skills the way you do with "natural" adept abilities or bioware. On the other hand, you can use spells or cyberware to raise Attributes beyond your Attribute Max, which you can't do with the "natural" methods. Gotta take the bad with the good...
We play as John Campbell describes.
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