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Full Version: Teamwork and social skills
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Can a group of runners help the primary character with opposed tests that are social?
Yes, but only if the GM finds it appropiate for the situation. Sometimes "speaking with multiple voices" is a severe disatvantage.
I figure for teamwork on social tests, you basicly are trying to nod, shake your head, or murmer yes's or no's at the right time to add effect of being a group.
To do this though, I would have each person trying to help roll a Social test with the skill being whatever the main person is trying to do. So you cant have someone try and help by using their negotiations when the lead person is trying to Intimidate someone.
I allow people to teamwork with different skills, think of is a Good Cop/Bad Cop type approach, one runner tries to buy the info all pleasant like while others wonder around the targets house muttering about fire risks, Obviously how much of this helps depends on the target.
The Good Cop/Bad Cop is a good example....but sometimes, in the case of social skills, too many cooks spoil the stew. Trying to use four peoples support for a total of five might make the team look indecisive or like they dont know what to do. Or just adds too many voice. I'd say id allow a maximum of two to help with normal situations.

Intimidation, however...the more, the scarier. So i'd let that run with as many as needed.
I think mostly like most team work this is a matter of looking at everything in a case by case manner, in Negotiations I'd limit the numbers, but for intimidation purposes go to town! I'd also allow a large group to work a social gathering for info by using etiquette.
Negotiations in RL are good examples of team work. Perfect examples would be union reps and management renegotiating a contract. Usually people go into those meetings with scripts as to what they are supposed to do.
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