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Full Version: Hottest New Mage Sport
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Has anyone had their players or had NPCs use the vessel rules from Street Magic? Despite my bitching about magic on other threads I actually find this kinda cool.

Instead of duelling each other directly I could see magicians fighting each other through proxy. I actually ran a game once where the group was in Haiti and they came across a place where Voudouns fought each other using Loa (it was in SR3) to possess themselves. Now you can actually construct golems to do the fighting instead.

The other cool thing you could do is recreate the War Zone of Parlainth using captured free spirits as generals. So long as you can find ways to keep them in or bound to an area you just set up some aerial platforms and charge rich clients money to watch or even direct the "armies." Sort of the ultimate miniatures gaming. In Parlainth they actually had betting on the results of the wars.

Of course the section also gave me the ugly D&D dungeon thought of Corporate Security. I can see the penthouse hallway having enchanted "statues" to help protect the local bigwig. Imagine a poorly planned run encountering 6 stone homonculi. Force 6 costs 6000 plus probably 40 refined or 20 radical reagents plus the wage for the mage. Certainly doable for the more magically inclined corps like Wuxing or a Great Dragon's lair. 12 body is not pretty...
Heh, reminds me of Diablo. Did any here ever do golem boxing?

In the first Diablo game, if two people summoned a golem, they would immediatly drop everything and fight each other. So it was kinda popular to just do that and see which golem would win.

In Diablo 2 you could ally yourselves, and golems didn't automatically drop everything to kill another golem.
Kyoto Kid
...hmmm Rock 'Em Sock Em Golems the 2070 magic equivalent of BattleBots.

Would love to see Vlad the Impailer (the winningest bot on BB) redux.
Big D
I thought Biohazard was the winningest bot... about the only time it ever lost was in the controversial judges' call against Whyachi, and it really should have had an easy win if it hadn't let up mid-round.

At any rate, I'm all for golem battles. Break out pika-pika-Lina-chan!
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