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Full Version: SR3 decking quick reference guide
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hello code breakers from 'round the wired world !!

does anybody own or know where i can find a usefull and pertinent guide to matrix operation.

ok lets be more specific:

i need a tool running things this way:

"accessing a host" / operation name by the book/ utility needed / system ( skill vs TN )/ reference ( ie sourcebook name, page,.....)
" finding a file" /

see what i mean ?
a DB linking matrix operations in everyday english to the rule system.
when a player says to the GM (me) "i want to trace the commcall we have with the johnson" i don't want to spent hours searching through the, count them, three sourcebooks puting bits of rules get the scope.

the rules and decking system is huge and intricated and even if i GM'ed SR since the good old days i'm a "matrix-illiterate"

i tried to post this in the decking topic but for an unknown reason didn't manage to acces the reply interface sarcastic.gif

I think you need the reference sheet at the back of VR 2.0 (the sr 3 matrix book) that has all of this I think apart from the mechanic for the operational utilities as they are alle sys rating- prog = TN for Computer skill opposed by System dice TN= detection factor.

I apologies if my terms are a little ropey and vague I haven't touched the SR3 matrix in a year.
thanks a lot, i must now find my VR sourcebook.....
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