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Full Version: backquestion?where is my african shadowrun serial?
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Just wanted to work on it, Yes I know it has been forever since I've been Here, I'm in deap at an alternate history board. I don't want to Get Yelled at but I've searched for It and can't find it. Is there I way I can work on it? thank you Boskop Albatros.
Easiest way to find something you posted: use the field that allows you to search by username, search for your own username, and make sure you adjust the dropdown menus so you're not only searching the last 30 days worth of posts.
Voila! wink.gif
Your search-fu is strong, old man. biggrin.gif
@boskop-albatros: That username is awesome. I think you should go post in the "explain your username thread". smile.gif

I doubt this has anything to do with it, but every time I see you post, I hear John Cleese yelling "Albatross"!
emo samurai
The thread is here.
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