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Concerning the SR CCG, how many cards came in a starter pack? How many in a Booster pack? In an Underworld Booster pack?

Thanks in advance.
There were 80 Cards (of all types) in the Starter Packs, and 15 in the Booster Packs (including Underworld Boosters).
Did the boosters contain better cards? They seem more expensive per card.
I don't know about the Shadowrun CCG in particular, but the industry standard for awhile there was 3 rares/80 cards with a starter pack, 1 rare/15 cards with a booster.

In other words, there was a slightly better ratio of "rare" cards in the booster packs than in the starters.

Also -- and again, I'm not speaking to Shadowrun CCG in particular, just CCG's in general -- booster packs tended to have a lower ratio of the necessary but nearly valueless super-common cards (such as basic lands in MTG) than the starter packs.

Usually, you could buy a starter pack or two and get enough of this type of card and never need another one.
Merciless scum forcing me to relive the trauma I experienced on learning the SRTCG was being discontinued---

But the thing about the starter packs was that they all had at least 6 Objective cards, necessary to play a game. The booster packs rarely had objective cards at all.

But there were not 'super-common' cards just rare, uncommon and common (oh, and promo cards, but that doesn't count for this discussion). Vaevictus is right, there were 1 rare in a booster and three in a starter.
I think uncommons ran three per booster and about 15 per starter, but I may be a bit off there.

tisoz - why do you ask - have you found a place you can still get back-inventory of new decks, boosters?
QUOTE (adamu)
have you found a place you can still get back-inventory of new decks, boosters?

There's a few places on the net that you can find them available. I used one of the sales sites (don't remember which, but you can easily Google it) to check my facts before posting my original answer. smile.gif
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