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Full Version: Minor errors with initiative?
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These aren't a big deal, but I just wanted to see if I'm missing anything, or if perhaps there were changes to the BBB (I have first printing) that didn't make it into the errata.

The current errata changes the Reaction of a materialized air spirit to F+4 (from Fx4), and it's intuition is F, yet the errata also states that its corrected initiative should be (Fx2)+3. Shouldn't it be (Fx2)+4?

The description of drone initiative on p.239 says that "Like other programs, the Pilot drone-brain acts at fast digital speeds. Drones are hampered, however, by their physical shells, and so act slightly slower." It then goes on to state that drone initiative is Pilot + Response with +2 IP, which is exactly what agents/IC get. Is the descriptive text about them being slower just misleading?
don't agents get +1 to their initiative stat?
QUOTE (Jaid @ Dec 25 2006, 05:57 PM)
don't agents get +1 to their initiative stat?

I don't see that mentioned anywhere. p.230 just says "Agents, IC, and sprites have an initiative equal to Pilot + Response. Because they act at digital speeds, they receive two extra Initiative Passes (three total)."
im suspecting that some of the fluff is written before the rules where finalized...

all in all, rules trump (i think thats the word) fluff if they don't match...
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