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Full Version: New Mentor Spirit: Beavis and Butthead
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emo samurai
Description: Huhuh.... huhuh.... huhuhuhuhuhh....

Disadvantage: -1 to all knowledge skill rolls.
Advantages: The fuck should I know.
i would give them gremlins equivalent (3) to knowledge rolls, personally.

they're not so much likely to not know, as they are to come up with something completely wrong, imo. not that i ever watched much, but from what i saw, that's a little more accurate.

as far as advantages... i dunno... like i said, haven't seen much, but being as they're cartoons, i'm gonna go out on a limb and suggest that pain tolerance might be appropriate...
Why? Why oh why?! How could somebody do this *falls to his knees Sobbing* Woe, I am slain!!!!!! *dies*
Disadvantages: Must take both the Uneducated and Uncouth negative qualities. Must make a Willpower plus Charisma (3) test to avoid acting whenever the opportunity to do something incredibly stupid or socially inappropriate presents itself.

Advantages: Immune to the seduction specialization of the Con skill. It's not that you aren't susceptible to it, it's that no one wants to seduce you.

Usually a possession tradition, often with a geas of heavily-caffeinated beverage consumption. Possessed shamans will exhibit erratic behavior, and will usually refer to themselves as "Cornholio" in their possessed state.
Somebody please tell me that emo doesn't live in a country where the First Amendment (or anything like it) applies.
One assumes he is american. Outsiders might occasionally get the impression that the first amendment is not for everyone over there...

But the Beavis and Buthead idea is great. I like the idea about uncouth and uneducated. The "advantage" might be that 50% of the time, someone else suffers if they roll a glitch.
IIRC, Emo is Chinese.
Your kidding right?
Emo, you been at the Psychotropic IC again? wink.gif
Emo is the psychotropic IC. Is he getting to you yet?
i seem to recall emo living in Canada, actually, but that may just be my delusion nyahnyah.gif
Methinks you be deluded. Emo definitely resides in China.
Advantage: Followers of this totem are immune to the effects of the Con and Negotiate powers, as they completely misinterpret what it is they're being asked to do. This can include being hired by a Johnson to do a job.

Muddy: "I want you to do my wife."
Butthead: "WOAAHH! You're gonna pay us to do your wife? Cool!"
I fear the day there are awakened versions of Bevis and Butthead
All followers of this mentor spirit have gigantic heads like the aliens from This Island Earth.
All followers of this mentor spirits are male, shemale, or what we in Norway call "tractor lesbians".
This is a completely messed up idea...

This thread made me laugh! Especially the part about it being tied to a possession discipline!

What I don't get is that April Fools Day isn't for months... but then again, when did Emo need that excuse?
Jack Kain
While we are at a Daria mentor spirit.

Advantage: Your very perceptive and have a +4 dice pool modifier to all perception tests.
Disadvantage: You have Uncouth quality for no BP.
QUOTE (Jack Kain)
While we are at a Daria mentor spirit.

Advantage: Your very perceptive and have a +4 dice pool modifier to all perception tests.
Disadvantage: You have uncloth quality for no BP.

Whoa, you walk around naked as a neg qual with this mentor spirit?
Jack Kain
excuse my poor spelling Uncouth wise guy.
emo samurai
Actually, I live in America. Posting like this in China would get me jailed for my belief in discordia.
QUOTE (Konsaki)
IIRC, Emo is Chinese.

emo samurai is awesome! grinbig.gif
Ahh, so I'm deluded!

But I knew that already. biggrin.gif
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