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Full Version: List of "cryptids" for creating critters
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I came across the word "cryptid" while reading an article, and wikipediaed it cause I wasn't sure what that meant. Wiki gave me a nice little page with a list of mythic/imaginary animals, which I though perfect for thgose looking to create some critters to spice up a game.

So enjoy!

List of cryptids
oi, that's a big list. I wouldn't mind if people reading it pointed out any particularly interesting ones.
No drop bears? I believe the article is incomplete. (After all, I read about drop bears not only in the book 'The Last Continent', but also in National geographic).
One of my favorite cryptids was always the Sucuriju. I've actually been mucking about making it into a slightly modified version of the snake totem for an NPC in my game.
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