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Full Version: Attacking through focus
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Just manifesting - visible but can't touch anything - in both cases.
QUOTE (Ancient History)
Y'all are making an elementary error between manifesting and materialization. When a spirit creates a physical body to interact with the physical world-something that can hit and be hit-that is materialization. When a spirit or astrally projecting magician chooses to manifest, they extend the senses of their astral form into the physical, so that they can look around and communicate. They can see and be seen, but this is a purely psychic effect-you cannot record a manifest magician or spirit, you cannot injure it by purely physical means, you cannot blind it with a flash bulb.

just wanted to mention one little thing: manifesting doesn't allow you to "look around" on the physical plane. it only lets you communicate. it creates a ghostly image of yourself by a psychic effect in the minds of those in the vincinity.

that sentence about "extending the senses onto the physical plane" is gone since the last errata (THANK GOD!! IMHO). the mage himself is still astrally projecting and is only perceving the astral world. he just can be seen by mundane or other non-astraly-perceiving guys when manifesting.

just for the protocol.
You know, in my excitement over the fact that they'd dropped the ability to hit a manifested being with a mana-based effect from the physical plane (YAY for the return of symmetry in planar boundary interactions and spell targeting rules!), I'd overlooked that?

Thanks for pointing it out. Good to know.
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