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Full Version: Combat paralysis and Cybercombat
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Couldn't find anything in the archives about this, so here goes:

Does the quality Combat paralysis apply to cybercombat?

on the one hand, it seems like it should, just out of common sense.

on the other hand, cybercombat is so different, thematically, than real combat that perhaps it shouldn't.

Therefore, i ask you, the people of the forums, your opinions on the topic.
I would say that it should apply as you are under attack and the dangers are just as real as for physical combat.
QUOTE (Dafmeister)
I would say that it should apply as you are under attack and the dangers are just as real as for physical combat.

that was my gut reaction, but if you think about it, the only time the dangers are as real as in meatspace are when you're up against Black IC... so, perhaps only then should Combat Paralysis apply...
I would say that Combat paralysis disrupts the normal "flight or fight" response generated when you enter a frightening situation. In a normal person you ether run for cover or fight it out in a fearful situation. With combat paralysis you stand there drooling as your brain can't decide what is the correct course of action. If that is the case it would not matter if combat was physical, astral or matrix.
It applies anytime you belive you are in danger 'in combat'.

It is very possible in a miltary 'training' scenario. IT doesnt hit you at all.

Sure you hear machine gun fire around you. Sure you are 'acting' like you were in combat. Hwoever you know you are NOT.

B the same token.

You walking down the street and an old Petrol bik backfires. You very likely freeze as for a second you brain think you are in combat.

Cybercombt (o your brain) is just as real a physical combat (wether in real danger or not), so if you THINK you are in combat boom you are hit with the penalty.

Now the same token.

Had somebody with a very bad case of it in SR3. Has the mage 'convince' them it was nothing but a miles gear (fake bullets) practice scenario. While the mage sustained the spell (to mask the bullet holes, etc) the person was able to ignore it.

IMO its all about if your brain THINKs you are in combat.
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