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Full Version: The Invae
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Hi guys!

Where the word Invae come from? I know that's how Harlequin call the Insect spirits, but it's Sperethiel or Latin or what? What's the translation? That's mean insect, litterally, or what? (my second guess is that a derivative of the word Invader, but i'm not sure)
I would say your interpretation is more or less on the money, until someone writing anything on the language clears it up.
Ancient History
It actually originally came from Earthdawn, and is assumed to either be Sperethiel or a related language (Precursor Sperethiel, Theran, a loan-word into Throalic or Or'zat/Or'zet).
Makes me wonder though.

Just as a little tidbit of info. Robotech (a totally unrelated series) also had sort of incect like (Really.. more slug like) invaders called the Invid.

Invae and Invid makes me wonder if there's actually some real linguisitc connection beyond "Wow that sounds cool for smoethign totally alien!"
Invae as translated from Latin (I took three years in high school and still have a semi-firm grasp and a dictionary) :

to undertake, go in, enter, get in, to attack, usurp, to assail, seize, fall upon

So basically it is a precursor to modern word for invade.
Also notice it builds off two words, insect and larvae, which I believe come from English.
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