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Full Version: Hv Weaponary
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Would anybody consider it particularily imbalanced to allow a HV-capability weapon with a base power rating higher than 6? It has always been a nitpick of mine that the standard HV weapons have a damage code lower than the base code for the type of weapon. Anyone else agree with me?
The only time it's likely to matter is against harderend armor. Otherwise, that power 24 full auto burst is very similar to one at 26 or 28, statisticly.
The Surgeon
I wouldn't allow it if I were a GM.

The lower power is the trade-off for the rate of fire. And bullets in HV weapons are lighter than bullets used in other weapons, so allowing a power rating higher than 6 is a no-no, in my opinion.

The only way I'd even consider allowing it would be to either lower the ammo capacity or give the weapon a greater chance of breaking in combat.

All the HV MGs I have seen are squad support weapons.

Perhaps a 9m HV built as a HMG, IE tripod & vehicle mount only.
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