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Full Version: SR4 Core Rulebook PDF update
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Hi everyone, has anybody heard when FanPro is planning on updating the PDF version of the SR4 core rulebook at DriveThruRPG with the latest version of the errata? DriveThru doesn't post a version number with the file so I can't tell what version it is without downloading it again every now and then.
It will be updated around the time the Fourth Printing is released to distributors/stores. Currently that printing is at the bindery.

[yes, I originally said the updated PDF would be available earlier, but things are crazy right now.]
Adam, can you tell me, did they fix the issue with the hardcopy and PDF versions not matching on p.228? Where one version stated "Simrigs (both worn and implanted) and cranial commlinks also contain sim modules," and the other version deletes the part about cranial commlinks because it's supposedly in error?
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