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Large Mike
So I've seen a few spreadsheets and programs floating around, but I'd like to see what sort of character generators people have cooked up. Also, having everything collected here will make searches easier. Also, does anyone have anything that will work on my new Mac?
What I have is a simple excel sheet I found on that I added collumns on the side to enter bp and and it adds the stuff up. The only generator part of it is that it totals the bp, karma, and nuyen you have entered and keeps a total on one of the pages. There isn't anything for keeping track of non bp based nuyen though but you could probably just keep that listed outside the area reserved for bp based money.
I use this, but I don't know if it will work with a mac.
QUOTE (ShadowDragon)
I use this, but I don't know if it will work with a mac.

All of those files are *.exe, Windows based programs, and not compatible with a Mac. Unless, of course, you use OS 10.4.6 (or later) on an Intel-based Mac, and run Win XP via BootCamp.

The OP said he has a "new Mac" so if its a machine fresh off the truck from Cupertino, then you should be setup to run BootCamp. You'll just need to buy a copy of Win XP.

Frankly, why anyone would want to soil their Macintosh by getting Windows all over it, I'll never know. Find one of the many spreadsheet based character generators, and use that.

Or, do what I do, and write it all up (by hand) in TextEdit.
I've been working for a few months on a web application generator. It's no where close to being even ready for testing and I've got some serious design problems. But, it should work where ever Firefox works (it's decent in Safari, Opera, and probably Konquerer (or how ever you spell the KDE browser) since they're pretty close to the same standards as Firefox). I stopped development when I learned that IE6 wasn't going to even come close to being able to do what I needed it to do but I haven't gotten going again since IE7 came out.

If you want to see what I was doing, feel free to drop me a line, but I warn you it's not even good enough to be called alpha wink.gif
Try Spreadsheet Thread
search form
Community Projects

Most of them are quite old, older then 60 days, so use that as a criteria for searching.
Ya know... there are some awesome character generators out there. BUT one of my pet peeves with these is none of them output the character in a decent character sheet format! At least none of the ones I've run into.

Here are the ones that I know of;

Spreadsheet-based Character Generators:

Program Character Generators: - page is in French, but program is English - probably the best one I've used so far, but crappy output.

Web-based Character Generators:

Huh... I know I found more than that before. I'd suggest checking the project section of this forum or doing a google search. If you find anymore than these pls post.


@ShadowDragon posted the link to the DnCRG Windows character generator that I made.

Actually since it is a .Net application, someone with a Mac (OSX) could install Mono and then run the program, even a WinForms app.

Mono Project

In general I would recommend a spreadsheet generator, as they are more flexible and a little faster to use. I haven't worked on my Windows one since I really didn't even like using it and the character sheet export is a rather laborious task. It was a kinda fun project and I'm surprised to see people actually using it.
I prefer program style chargens. Spreadsheets seem clumsy and inappropriate for chargen to me. I'm building a character, not preparing a TPS report.

I'm disappointed to read you're not improving it anymore thewolf frown.gif
ShadowDragon, we need to talk about your TPS reports. Did you get that memo? It's just that we're putting coversheets on them now...

I haven't totally dumped the program, but I've taken a break while I sort some things out and decide where I am going with it.
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