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Full Version: upgrades?
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I'm doing research for my next character. I'm thinking of using a street samurai for a model since a lot of the character ideas I have are loners. Which would make for a very boring game. So I'm thinking of a gangster type trouble shooter. My problem is so far in our games bio/cyber upgrades are not available. Now if either of our GMs' read this and if you take it personally I will do something harmful to you! So would you all recommend trying to get as much bio/cyber in character creation or hope for some kind of plot given upgrades? Also yes it's another slow day at the office.

Now for something completely different..........
what do you mean by "upgrade"? do you mean you can't take out old cyberware/bioware and put in new stuff? or do you mean you can't put in any more cyberware/bioware at all?
upgrade as in my gear is 2063 and it's now 2070 and I have to keep up with the jones
Can you find a street doc that can rip out your old cyber and replace it with newer stuff you "bought"? Or is it just that you cannot find new cyber at all?
Or are you talking about upgrading your Alpha wired I to alpha Wired II or III? Or some such thing?
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