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Full Version: Sensor Enhanced Gunnery and Sharpshooter
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Darkest Angel
I'm starting a new campaign up, and one of the guys is playing a Rigger. Basically, he's kitting his drones out with Sharpshooter and Clearsight autosofts (very sensible imo). Looking through the rules for aquiring the 'lock' for the sensor enhanced gunnery test although the clearsight rules are very specific - he can't use it, the sharpshooter is less specific, stating it can be used for Gunnery tests. Does that include the sensor test for the 'locking on'?

I'm not sure which way to go with this one, as the autosoft description states 'aquisition' pretty clearly, but then the 'Sensor Test' is not a 'Gunnery Test', although it is a part of a wider 'Sensor Enhanced Gunnery Test'.
IMO he can't, but I find the rules for Clearsight incomprehensible so don't take my word for it.

I don't know the rules at all ... but wouldn't the sensor test just determine the TN for the gunnery test.... then you roll your gunnery against the TN? Maybe it's time to learn rigging ... but it just seems so messy.
The answer is no, and yes, learning Rigging is the proper response smile.gif

Is there a rigging walkthrough somewhere? like the matrix walkthrough?
Herald of Verjigorm
Try this.
although the clearsight rules are very specific - he can't use it

I don't know if the clearsight rules are that specific - is a combat related test (see R3 p99) one based on a combat skill or is it any test in combat, which would often preclude perception or sensor tests receiving the clearsight bonus.
I'd allow the clearsight to apply to any non-combat skill, that way a character needs both to help sensor enhanced combat, clearsight for the lock-on and sharpshooter for the gunnery test.
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