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Full Version: Info on... Russian cities 2070...
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Cynic project
Vladivostok..Last I heard it was crazy caplistic! They will sell you their gramd mothers.Hell they will sell you, your grandmother!

St. Petersburg? I hear is might cold there and they will kill you for your life giving blood or vodka..Or something

And can't leave out Moscow...Really it is run by Vory now...I really don't think it could get much better in 2070...
Vladivostok is detailed a bit in an adventure book involving Great Dragons. Major Corporate presence from Japan as I recall. Yamatetsu maybe?
Evo's HQ is in Vladivostok. The city is fully featured in Target: Smuggler Havens.
Both of the previous posters are correct, since Yametetsu changed its name to Evo in 4th edition and the adventure in question was for a previous time when the company's name was Yametetsu.

Cynic project
And what of St. Petersburg or Moscow?
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