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I know I am just overlooking it somewhere, but I can't find it. smile.gif I am building a Technomancer and am trying to find the complex forms. ... well I mean how much they cost in BP. the technomancer section says use the normal programs for complex forms but programs list cost in NuYen x rating.

what is the cost per rank ?

appreciate the help
You could rate the Nuyen in BP. You know, you get 5,000 Nyuen per BP, so you can just figure out by the costs the BP costs.
that was what I was thinking but wanted to find out if it actually gives a BP in the book. Like same cost as Knowledge skills per rank. or something

the Nuyen would make it very cheap smile.gif just seems too over powering that way.
it's in the character generation section, under "starting resources for technomancers" or something like that. right near the end of the section, at any rate.

in any event, cost is 1 BP per rating of complex form, max number of complex forms is double your logic iirc. (you should look up the relevant section first, of course).
never mind... i just rechecked the pre-gen char in the book and noticed that each rank added up to the 35BP they say it cost.

I knew it was going to be something simple. smile.gif
Also, you're not allowed to start play with a more than double your Lofgic in CFs. (see p. 86)

And you're a fool not to buy as many as you can, because purchasing them later is about the worst exchange rate of Karma to Build Points in the game.

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