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Full Version: Poetic Justice in the Sixth World
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Inspired by a thread running over on this topic, I have a bit of a question/challenge for everyone here:

Poetic Justice.

Have you ever had a game where this really came into play? Or do you even have a hypothetical, a "if my characters ended up in this situation, here's what would happen that would be poetically just"?

I personally don't have any stories from my games, but I have some decent hypotheticals (and there's also an excellent example in Buzzkill, the opening fiction for SR4), one of which led to this post.

My commented scenario was, if any of my characters were ever hired by a wannabe cannibal--not an HMHVV-infectee, just a sicko with a taste for human flesh, possibly still alive--that, once my character found out, that he would be delivered, trussed up, on a bed of lettuce and an apple in his mouth, to the nearest nest of (feral) ghouls.

So, does anyone have any stories from their games or hypothetical scenarios that they'd like to share?
Wounded Ronin
I tend to appreciate Midwestern auto workers being killed by ninjas.
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