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Full Version: Guardian Spirit Elemental Attack
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Big D
Stupid question...

What element is a Guardian Spirit's Elemental Attack? All other spirits with that power are elementals themselves, making it rather obvious.

Metal is about the only thing that comes to mind, though I could see an argument for Blast.
to me it would depend on the tradition of the person summoning the thing.

If Christian then fire, (flaming sword)
If Navaho then lightning.

Basically look at the mythology of it and approach that way.

If its the spirit of a Marine then Blast is most definitely appropriate.
i don't think the other spirit's elemental attacks are clearly defined at all, necessarily. probably the easiest one to demonstrate would be an air spirit, for example... is it electric? blast (powerful winds)? ice (an arctic wind)? water (a weather spirit)? sand (a desert spirit)? sound (thunder)?

other spirits can be similar. a fire spirit, for example, could have smoke, light, and fire quite easily. with a little bit of work, you could probably make it fit acid as well, and probably blast too.

in short, it really depends on precisely what kind of spirit you're summoning, as was mentioned earlier.
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