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Full Version: Technomancers & Wired Connections
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I am starting up an SR4 campaign after many years on hiatus. One of my players posed a question to which I had no immeadiate response. Perhaps someone on the forums could be of assistance.

How does a technomancers interact with a wired (NON-wireless) link? Do they have to get a datajack or are there other options?

How do technomancers feel about wired connections? Do they feel they are passe, or do they wax nostalgic?

I appreciate the advice.

The general attitude seems to be that a TM uses a regular commlink as a kind of bridge, connecting the wires to the commlink and accessing the commlink wirelessly.

I'm personally inclined to allow a TM to interact through physical touch, partly 'cos I don't feel that a TM should need a commlink to interface with tech, and partly cos I like the image of a TM hacking an ATM just by touching it. Of course this would be a more likely image if there were any ATMs...
Or a TM should be able to use trodes I guess...
or it could be that any self-respecting TM will pack a fairly small, fairly cheap access point that he or she can plug into any available port...
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