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I'm having real trouble grokking the hacking rules in the rulebook. Is there a thread or pdf that describes a standard hacking run? Kind of a "Hacking 101" thing? I'd love something that has some vanilla flavor text combined with rules-specific roll descriptions.

Or, if there's not such a thing, can we start it here?

Bear in mind, I'm wanting to understand the rules as written. I'll take help from anybody!

I'd actually appreciate that as well. The rules in there are a little weird in how they're laid out. I'd be helpful to see how they work in, say, an example or two.
There was a thread a few weeks ago where someone recorded a hacking run and had it posted as mp3, try a search.
Since I'm such a nice guy and my search-fu was good enough:
i think there was also an attempt made at doing a hacking example thread when SR4 was new, problem was that people could not agree on how some of the rules should be interpreted and the thread died a slow death...
No Hacking 101 till we get past Hacking 1 course!
You can also take a look at Serbitar's Matrix Rules (in his signature) as he has multiple examples of typical runs...there just the dice rolls, but I think you can get a solid feel by following along.
Thanks All! I'll take a look at Serbiter's stuff, re-examine the book, and see if it makes sense!
And honestly, don't feel bad. I have been running SR4 for about a year, and the matrix runs are still evolving at our table...

As long as your players are willing to share the growing pains with you, everything will be fine!
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