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Full Version: Adept PC in SRM - player seeks comments
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After years of combat/stealth/tech - oriented PCs, I decided to try something a bit off the wall. Presented here is a character who entered the shadows by the back door, not intent on 'making it' in corporate espionage, and with goals all his own.

This is a PC I have started playing in Shadowrun Missions and present him here to get feedback as to whether you think this kid will survive long enough to reach his goals, and how you might interact with him. He bears bits and pieces from my own youth (see if you can get the movie reference from his name), from my daughter, and from a friend's son.

Also, I am interested in comments on the type of Magical focus he seeks. Hmmm... sounds almost like two posts.

I post here rather than in Shadowrun Missions just to catch more eyes.

Character History

[ Spoiler ]

Character Stats
[ Spoiler ]
Kyoto Kid
...with the emphasis on music performance, he reminds me of my character Leela. She wasn't an adept but did have Skill points devoted to Performance and supporting knowledge skills. Also devoted a lot of Karma into having her overcome nasty flashbacks that prevented her from going on stage and improving her music based skills. In the end she retired as a runner after playing her first concert in over ten years for which she achieved a Novastar (in classical terms) impact. Basically her ticket was written after that.
ya might try some unarmed combat specializing in pounding on their head like a drum.
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