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Full Version: The Hive Deep Metaplane
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I've scanned through SR3 and SR4 books trying to find this one damned piece of information. I know they often travel to this Deep Metaplane and have taken multiple precautions to prevent the Bugs from following back, but I have this one problem:

Where and what book mentions that Ares does this on a space station, where they've got plants so the mages can do their stuff without being in a void. I believe that there was also this chair that they would sit in when they would go astral.

I'm positive that this is in one of the sourcebooks. Unless I'm confusing it with several other stuff. Can anyone here shed some light on this, or am I just crazy? silly.gif
The references to Eden and the Hive you are looking for are in the intro fiction of the chapter on Astral Space and the Metaplanes in Street Magic for SR4 (which is, at least partly, inspired in a few lines from an SR2 short story about an Insect spirit sent to kill Damien Knight).
Ancient History
Re: Ares space stations, there's some supporting background material in Target: Wastelands.
[/edit]Hunter and Prey by Tom Dowd, the short story Syn was talking about.
Man, I feel like an idiot now. I didn't think of checking the first freaking page dealing with the planes. So I was semi right. I did get the references confused together. Some parts were in Target: Wastelands as AH mentioned, a bit more further into the Street Magic book where it talks about The Hive, and then Pg. 111 itself, with the exact story I was thinking about.

Thanks a lot guys.
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