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Full Version: Sub Design Questions
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More questions. nyahnyah.gif

This time, I'm looking into designing a sub from scratch. I may have some naval actions occuring in my campaign at some point in the future, and I'm looking to have a sub or two pop up.

But I'm having some problems with the submarine rules presently. I've dilligently studied SR3 & R3 to no avail, so I'm just asking for some clarifications from the Rigger-fu masters. Some of these questions are based off some stuff I saw in the back of the book.

1. The numbers in parentheses in the Speed, Acceleration and Signature ratings are used instead of the normal ratings when a sub is switched on to it's alternate power source, correct?

2. If one adjusts the Speed of a sub (or ship!), does the Cavitation Threshold adjust itself at a rate defined in some table I haven't found yet or is it time to break out my calculator (to find out the rate at which the Cavitation Threshold increases per the increase in speed of the vessel)? Not that I'm complaining about the later route, but it's not the most ideal.

That's all for now. As before, I do appriciate any help given.

#1 appears to be correct. #2 requires actual thought which I'm too tired for.

i thought the different ratings for speed accel etc. were for submerged and surface travel.

I'll have to check to be sure.

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