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Full Version: Data havens as contacts
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I’m getting into another SR game after some time and I am loking at plaing a hacker.

I want to have access to the Denver data haven, in SR3 this required you take a contact at rating 2, what do I need in SR4

Ancient History
Well, said contact would probably have a very low Loyalty rating, especially if you're accessing it illegally.
My intent had been to have a legitimate account. Probably even being low level volunteer staff

Its easy enough to work out the loyalty rating, that would represent how well known I was in the community, but what connected rating should it have, and when I am getting information do I use the connection rating (as asking a contact for help) or my data search skills (as if I had hacked my way in and didn’t even have a contact).

I don't know if it counts, but I gave one of my players JackPoint as a contact for uploading some interesting info. He's currently got it at Loyalty 1, and I ruled that its Connection Rating is 1d6/2 (rounded down) on any given subject.
I usually handle connection as a means of judging how much you are given access to. So you could have the data haven at connection 1 meaning that only other low level users are willing to do stuff for you. At Connection 6 it means that you have admin/root level users that are willing to do stuff for you.
I posted this same thread about four months ago and I think that it had some decent ideas in it, but I can't remember exactly what went down.
The Home Ground positive quality could represent gifted access to it.
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