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Full Version: I can't seem to figure out the rigger/drone rules.
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Although the list of things I don't understand is rather epic, let's focus on this one for now: How do rigging and drones work?

I certainly understand it conceptually: You control drones and tell them to do things and you can "jump into" them and control them more intimately. But I'm not clear on the specifics.

So let's say I have a drone with a gun on it. I can issue it a command like "kill that troll!" and it will attack the troll best it can. When shooting at the baddy I roll a Targetting + Pilot test. Issueing the command would be some kind of action (I'm thinking simple but I'm not sure--I could swear I read it somewhere). The drone itself shoots like normal during combat.

Or I could jump in. Once jumped in I could shoot the baddy as a complex action. Does this use Gunnery + <something>. I can also control my other drones at th same time, but of course I've already used a complex action here.

Is that more or less right, filling in the missing value(s)?

The same questions apply with other things like perception tests--if I'm jumped in what skills do I use? Or for driving it around?

The context of this is that I'm making a rigger character and I'm trying to figure out my skills. Is it worth it to points into pilot, perception, gunnery and such?

Thanks a lot!

rigging a drone is the same as rigging a vehicle.

You need the correct pilot skill, and gunnery skill for all mounted weapons. When you fire a weapon you use Sensors+Gunnery
SirPentor: Have you gotten a chance to read the FAQ yet?
QUOTE (Aaron)
SirPentor: Have you gotten a chance to read the FAQ yet?

No I hadn't seen that--that's very helpful, thanks!
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