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Does anyone know any details about Thais the son of Aina and Yrsgrathe?
Half Horror, not the most friendly of individuals, Not on anything near good terms with his mother.... other than that? No Clue. I find myself wishing for more information as well.

Another question, if I may, is what is Thayla's or whatever Voice?
Thayla was a baddass elf queen who had a singing voice that was so beautiful (by namegiver standards) that it caused excruciating pain to any Horror that heard it could potentially kill minor horrors outright.
She was able to protect her kingdom from the Scourge simply be getting up in the morning and singing a happy song. However, a baddass Horror was so entranced by the beauty of her song that he fell in love with her and used his superior baddassery to sit in her bedroom, unmoving, despite the unbearable pain of her song. This lasted for many days, and the baddass Horror's baddass presence was corrupting the land simply because he was sitting there. No one could defeat him and he wouldn't leave without her. In desperation, Thayla magically transfered her voice to a songbird, rendering herself mute in the process, so that her voice could continue to protect her people while she went of on a romantic extended honeymoon with the Horror.

Due to her voice's magnificent beauty, it is highly useful in repelling things that are aspected against beauty, including Horrors, and its recovery so that it may be used to defend Earth is a major part of the plot to Harlequin's Back.
Actually was that ever covered somewhere other than harlequins back?
QUOTE (SirBedevere)
Does anyone know any details about Thais the son of Aina and Yrsgrathe?

I could be wrong, but I believe Thais appears as a black skinned elf from the waist up and a large snake from the waste down.
For Thias, the only place i know of is the book Scars. And Thalya is in Harlequin's Back and is talked about alot in the same books with everyone's favorite Drake Physad. (Dragonblood trilogy, i think it's called? =\). Other than that... I think at least one of the two is also mentioned in Worlds Without End, or whatever it's called.

As for Thias, I severely doubt that he is actually "half-horror" as that makes no sense. There is never a mention of any other time that a horror, or any other spirit could actually reproduce. An abomination created by a horror inside of Aina, sure, but not offspring i don't think.

Anyway, if I think of anything else, I'll leave the info, but that's all I have for now.
Ancient History
Does anyone know any details about Thais the son of Aina and Yrsgrathe?

Thais was first mentioned in the novel Worlds Without End, and appears to be the offspring of Aina, an immortal elf, and Ysrthgrathe, a powerful Named Horror. Apparently his mother abandoned him at some point. By his own account, he was behind the first Great Ghost Dance in the nineteenth century. He was next spotted in Loose Alliances, where he was operating in southeast Asia (he's said to have good relations with the nagas of Angkor Wat) and to have clashed with the Great Dragon Arleesh.

As a hybrid, Thais shares aspects of both of his parents: apparent immortality, considerable magical powers, and it has been shown that he can be summoned. He may or may not bear similar qualities to the Ulkmen of Earthdawn, who are also said to be descended from Horrors.

Notably, Thais did not make an appearence in the novel Scars.

The legend of Thayla-who has never been shown to be elven, by-the-by-was first related in Harlequin's Back and provided part of the background for that adventure. Thayla was apparently killed in The Dragonheart Trilogy, each book of which contains a copy of the legend of Thayla that was unearthed and translated by the Dunkelzahn Institute of Magical Research.
Thanks AH. biggrin.gif I've got Harlequin's Back and I wondered if there was any more info out there.
Well, I guess I was off a little bit nyahnyah.gif *owned by AH again* ^-^
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