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Full Version: Converting older adventures/missions to 4e?
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I was wondering if anyone knew which, if any, of the older adventures could be converted for use with 4e. Now, obviously the matrix would be completely different, and I'd need to change all the stats and whatnot, but what I'm more interested in knowing is whether some are able or unable to be converted simply because of their chronology. Harlequin for example. Seems like it could be converted since it doesn't appear locked into any particular events in time.

Thoughts? Has anyone bothered?

Well personally I'm planning on running my players through the Bug Spirit adventures as well as the Arc Shutdown, but then again I've never worried very much about the 'offical timeline'.

Still there isn't really any reason why you couldn't use Fourth Edition rules in a campaign set back in the 50s-60s, just call commlinks cyberdecks and make Deckers plug into a jackpoint to work their magic.
Also, remember that the advent of ubiquitous wireless and augmented reality change the culture and the difficulty of some situations.
Harlequin is locked in the timeline : it happens before the death of Dunky, and before a lot of other events.
I'm running Harlequin, with 4th editions rules, but in the 1st edition timeline (we are currently in 2052, and it is already late for Harlequin).
The matrix is the most difficult to deal with rulewise.
So i keep the general guidelines for matrix 1.0 (yep most systems arent sculpted yet, and fully sculpted systems are rare as hell), but "translate" rules to 4th edition.
I've run the UB adventure Missing Blood with 4th edition rules. I even updated the dates, as none of my players had ever played SR before. It worked fine until the playes thought they could fight their way through every part of the adventure.

I'm playing Queen Ephoria and Double Exposure, 1st ed and 2nd ed adventures. I had to change a few things concerning wireless, although some security system I kept wired because they were "old fashioned". I used the new hacking system and simply gave it firewall and analyze etc. according to what I thought appropriate.

Converting stats are fairly easy, Some I don't change (the 4 body, 3 str, 2 wp security guy), and quickness=agility. Initiative is recalculated, and I have to add the Intuition attribute (based off their mental stats).

Skills I usually have to lower 1 or two, and somtimes remove skill groups and add individual skills (but usually not as it's waste of time).

So far I've used NPC mages with their current Magic rating and magic skills, but in hindsight that may just be too powerful as Magic 6 is as uncommon in 4th ed npcs as Agility 6, while it previous editions it was the norm for every mage without cyberware.

Time events I don't care too much about, except obvious ones (yup no adventure against deus in the arcology). And the players don't know about UB so I'll probably change that they haven't been exposed yet.
hmm, so Universal Brotherhood could be done, then, technically speaking? That wouldbe a great one to go through I think. Queen and Double are also doable-ish, good to know.

I don't mind writing my own adventures. Sometimes I'm just too lazy wink.gif
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