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Full Version: Claudia Romanov
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Okay, I know she was/is big Gold's voice, that she's big in the Grand Tour, she also has a summer home in Paris and a winter home and some kind of club in Lisbon. She like Nadja Daviar is from "eastern Europe", but IIRC it's not specific where. Is there any specific place? Are she and Nadja connected in someway, maybe related? Is she awakened?

AH's site seems to be down and a search didn't reveal as much on her as it did Nadja.
Yes, they are related in a way... as in being the same person.
That would be hard to pull off, Nadja is or was VP of the UCAS and worked for Dunk. Claudia is a jet setting socialite who works for Loffy. I mean the scheduling conflicts alone would be a hassle, nevermind working for two greats.
Wounded Ronin
The thread title makes me want to hear 60s dramatic chords.
From what I recall, Romanov is Lofwyr's piece in the Grand Tour. She is the voice which doesn't seem to be his voice and wields tremendous social influence by having the ears of some of the largest players in the 2060's world of politics, wealth and corporate culture.

The trick in my mind with Claudia is that less is more. She doesn't seem to be more than a model with great connections, but through a soft-spoken word, massive change can occur.
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