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Full Version: Making use of the wireless world
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So I have my groups TM and only able matrix character away for the summer and I am now faced with a group of characters and players that have basically left that whole set of rules rest on the one pair of shoulders. All be it most of the players are veteran 3rd ed player who I feel still have habits of the matrix being off camera and that other guys problem.

My question is this, how would you yourself go about the encouragement of the players seeking out the benefits and intrigues that the new wireless can offer. Also what are some of the benefits that AR can provide that some of you around here have come up with.

Crusher Bob
You can offer several info processing systems like this that take advantage of Agents, comlinks, and AR bonuses so that there are tangible benefits to this matrix stuff that involve interaction with actual real world stuff.
I can recommend Vernor Vinge's Rainbows End as featuring characters making heavy, heavy use of augmented reality and instant global communication. It's a good book, too.
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